Payroll Tax Petition

PETITION TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario: -
WHEREAS the Liberal government has brought forward a payroll tax in the form of a mandatory Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP); and
WHEREAS the Liberal government has not conducted nor released a cost benefit analysis of this new payroll tax; and
WHEREAS internal Ministry of Finance documents show that the Liberals are aware that the ORPP will increase the cost of doing business in Ontario and kill jobs in the province; and
WHEREAS a McKinsey & Co. survey shows that more than four out of every five Canadians already save enough for their retirement; and
WHEREAS the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses has stated that a majority of its members would have to layoff workers; and
WHEREAS the government’s plan would force the cancellation of many existing retirement plans that have better employer contribution rates; and
WHEREAS low income earners will have their retirement savings clawed back under this scheme; and
WHEREAS Ontarians cannot afford another tax on top of their already skyrocketing hydro bills and ever increasing cost of living;
WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: -
To abandon the idea of an Ontario pension tax.

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