Hydro Rates Petition

PETITION TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario: -
Whereas Ontario families and businesses have seen their hydro costs more than triple under the Liberal government since 2003;
Whereas the Liberal government’s unaffordable Green Energy Act, the $2 billion wasted on the smart meter program and the $1.1 billion wasted on the cancelled gas plants will translate into a further 42% increase in hydro bills over 5 years;
Whereas the Auditor General revealed that the Liberal government has collected approximately $50 billion over the last decade through a global adjustment tax on hydro bills largely used to subsidize exorbitant green energy contracts;
Whereas the Liberal government has allowed peak hydro rates to increase by 15% on May 1st;
Whereas the Liberal government’s elimination of the Clean Energy Benefit will mean an average increase in hydro bills of $137 per year;
Whereas the Liberal government’s planned sale of a majority share of Hydro One will mean higher hydro bills;
WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: _
To call on the Liberal government to protect Ontario families and businesses from further hydro increases by applying all proceeds from the sale of Hydro One to the $27 billion electricity debt and imposing a moratorium on any new industrial wind and solar projects.

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